Support - download tools

In order to migrate existing installations you can use the installation tool run_this_first.exe. If you want to move an installation from a source machine to a target machine, make sure you can see the folder of the software that you would like to move on the target machine (e.g. as a network drive). If that's the case start run_this_first.exe in the source folder on the target PC and follow the instructions for a normal installation. That's all.

Below is a link to the latest version of run_this_first.exe.

run_this_first.exe, last update: 2014-7-17

We have started to program the tool 'Live' that helps you to maintain your installation. With 'Live' you can generate backups, check for updates and download new files from our website. There is also a dialog to set proxy parameters for managed licenses.

To install, copy the file live.exe to your program directory and start it.

live.exe, last update: 2017-2-8

Here are the current versions of some software tools which are shipped with our products SCOUT, CODE and SPRAY. Please copy all files into the corresponding program directory.

Tools download, last update: 2013-2-26